1. There are a lot of credit inquiry notes on your credit file.

Mortgage Lenders don’t like doing work for free, so I think it’s natural that borrowers want to make sure they receive the most favorable deal. The issue is triggered when you have too many hits on your credit report, and alarm bells start ringing at all lenders, since they are all connected the same credit files. This could mean that you are denied your loan application by every lender!

Tips for Loan Applications: Don’t accept a written or verbal agreementto any lender in order for access to your credit report, until you’ve chosen which lender you will be submitting your application to. Contact your Mortgage Broker to submit an application for the loan you are eligible for after he has properly qualified your needs.

2. Your loan request for home is not well written.

Any innocent or deliberate errors or omissions while answering questions regarding your credit score as well as your partner, could be considered to be suspicious or How to get nmls license even as fraudulent by the lender or mortgage Insurer. Most people don’t know that anything you don’t state (or do not say) can in legal time be viewed as an inaccurate representation of the facts.

Tips for Loan Applications: Have your Mortgage Broker look over your credit report of all the participants to the loan prior to you send your loan application. It is important that your Mortgage Broker has written a synopsis to cover your mortgage application, outlining why the loan is needed and also addressing any issues that may exist.

This extra work by your Mortgage Broker may help make it easier for you to get your loan application over the finish line, particularly if your broker is a trusted party in the home loan process with an office in the back of the lender.

3. Your proposed home is appraised as less than the purchase price that you agreed to pay.

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When a property value is appraised by valuers from the lender as lower than its purchase value you’re facing a problem.

Because banks lend only on LTVs. Let’s say that your home of $400,000 is worth $360,000. 10% deposit is 40k and the cost is $8,000. Yes, you’ve got the $48,000 needed. However, the bank can only lend on 90% of the $360,000 appraised value ] or $330,000. With your $40,000 deposit , it will give you a total of $370,000, and you’re just $30,000 short.

Loan Application Tip The Mortgage Broker will give you the options you should try to resolve this, including changing the price with the seller’s agent requesting that the lenders have the appraisers revise their appraisal, or soliciting the lender to hire a new valuer [at cost to you.

Another option could be to get a new lender with a valuer that may be more appraised of the worth of your proposed home. Also, you might need to locate a home that is valued higher.

4. Your Lender states that you do not have enough savings, deposit or income.

The requirements for down payments and income and their payment capacities can vary between lenders.Also the deposit amount is not the entire amount needed to finish a home settlement. You will have conveyance lawyer charges, property taxes as well as other costs that could include mortgage insurance, property insurance and tax on mortgages.

Tips for Loan Applications: Make sure that you have enough money to cover your expenses along with your down payment. Your mortgage broker can assist you with all of this.

AND/OR, find a lender that is less reliant on than the minimum deposit for home loans, or who pays your mortgage insurance for you OR find a lender that does not require mortgage insurance, as they carry that themselves.

5. You’ve had a change in your job, or your employment status, recently.

Many mortgage lenders for residential loans or their mortgage insurance providers look at changing jobs in high unemployment times as an indication of instability, which could result in you owing with the mortgage.

The other problem is that if you are on probation for up to 6 months, the income you earn cannot be considered as proof of earnings until the probation period has lapsed.

Tips for Loan Applications A Mortgage Broker could locate a lender that calculates your ability to repay in a more favourable way or a lender who will take a letter from your employer saying that your job is secure past probation, and then get that letter from your employer.

If it is not feasible, your Mortgage Broker can locate a sub-prime or low doc lender to accept your loan.

6. You have no savings history or inconsistent savings patterns.

Banks like to see stable incomes and regular savings at least six months prior to the loan application. This shows you can think about buying a house. They want to see predictable outputs and inputs, since this has proved to be important in reducing the amount of repayment pain down the line.

This can be beneficial to both the borrower as well as the lender.

A lot of banks don’t like ‘unsaved deposits’ or irregular savings from unexpected windfalls and other such. If you’re self-employed or have periodic fluctuations there could be an issue.

Tips for Loan Application: Your Mortgage Broker will obtain your loan from lenders that allow unsaved deposits, gift deposits and parent help with collateral, and parents who own joint ownership which include shared equity mortgage options.

Your broker could also use lenders that specialise in small business owners and the self employed if that is your situation.

6 a. You or your partner have a poor credit score or history.

Bad credit is often result from interruptions in the income stream, as a result of the reasons mentioned in point 6. Since the expenses don’t end because your income does. It’s a good idea to run a credit check to determine your credit score and credit score prior to applying to get a home loan. do not be informed by the lender that your loan application was denied due to a weak credit score. A large number of mortgage Brokers have been set up to provide this service, or you could request a credit report from the leading credit reporting agencies.

Tips for Loan Applications: If you or your spouse are not creditworthy, your mortgage Broker has already conducted an credit check. You may use a nonconforming lender who lends to those who have credit problems generally at a higher rate of interest and at least for the first one to three years. Certain non-conforming loans are great deals!

7. The home you’ve always dreamed of is undesirable to your Mortgage Lender.

We’ve talked about the appraisal being poor as well as the home being under valuation. The lenders could also have rules regarding the kind of property that they want to be placed as mortgage security. There are issues with unsuitable postcodes, residential property deemed rural, or rural property that is over 5 acres as well as 25 acres.

Tips for Loan Applications Tips for Loan Application: Residential mortgage loans can’t be used for farms operating for instance. The smaller acreages would not be feasible as a working farm, which is why they are classified as “residential rural”.

Additionally, ‘dual key apartments’, and “ultra low area” housing units could be a problem for lenders. The primary reason for rejecting these types of security is that the property resale could take longer than allowed time [typically three months] in the event that the lender needs to exercise a mortgagee in possession sale.

In this instance, your Mortgage Broker will help you locate lenders who are at ease with this type of security, or you may need to find the property that is more sought-after than the one you’ve picked.


Mortgage Brokerage is normally an unpaid service for the person who is borrowing. Therefore, using a Mortgage Broker to assist you in getting your home loan approval faster and simpler is logical. Mortgage Brokers can also help the time and effort of making eight typical mistakes made when you apply for a mortgage. Although having your loan application declined might be the case with a an outstanding home loan without having a Mortgage Broker, why go through the stress and stress when a Mortgage Expert can handle everything for you and ensure that you are doing things correctly in the first place?

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