If, I have gained anything from my four decades, of, being involved in a variety of political campaigns, it probably is that, since a majority of voters, vote, based on their fears and prejudices that they are not able to take the proper – thing, and, therefore choose to not move forward with HOPE,instead! Unfortunately, this fear – focused, thinking is, what I call, stinkin’ thinkin’, because, the overall, philosophy, and mental set is at odds with the fundamental, Constitutional guarantees, and the protection of rights, freedoms as well as the core notion, of justice and liberty for all! We are currently witnessing, one of the major political parties, apparently, focussing their attention, and energy, on just holding office, instead of serving and representing the best interests of the majority of Americans! With, that in mind, the following article will attempt to, briefly take a look, reflect, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach that this represents and what it means for us.

1. Healing; head/ heart decent; honest/ trustworthy:Regardless of one’s political preference, affiliations, or opinions, shouldn’t it be our duty to insist that our representatives to act in the most humane way? It is necessary to find people who are able to use, and coordinate, both their emotional and l

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ogical, components, in a head/ heart balance! They need to focus on healing the hurts resulted from the political rhetoric, and , often hate, and then proceed by focusing on being the most honorable person they can be! This will only occur, whenwe start electing peoplewho are honestly, and consistently sincere!

2. Opportunities; options Open-minded:How can we survive, effectively that is relevant and sustainable way without/until, leaders are willing to settle for the same old similar to the past and refuse to think – outside – the – box, striving to create a real and a meeting of minds for the common good (instead of being a partisan in politics)? Only when they, are open – minded and look at a variety of choices and alternatives, seeking the best opportunities, will it happen! Let’s not be adamant, to hate. prejudice, prejudgment, procrastination and acting on our fears!

3. Priorities, perceptions and plans:Pay close attention, to what appears to be the priorities of each candidate’s personal and views! Consider whether or not a person, is capable, of quality, sustainable, strategic planning, and creating well-thought, action plan, to implement plans, with hopes instead of a fear!

4. Empathy; focus enhancement; excellence and endurance; effort:Public officials should act with genuine compassion, and place their emphasis, accordingly, in a quest to enrich all our citizens and our nation! They should seek out the highest amount of excellence, instead of settling for just enough! They need the endurance, to persevere in their efforts, despite the obstaclesthat come upon them!

5. Systems; solutions; sustainable; service:Blaming and complaining, as well as conveying a message on accusations, for instance, rarelyyields the desired outcomes! We must seek, and select individuals who are able to articulate a system, based on viable solutions, and sustainable direction! In the absence of these individuals, they are not able to provide the kind of service we require, and deserve!

Get up, America, and realize that our way of living is in danger and we’re required to take necessary steps to change it sooner, rather than later! Only when we vote, on our hopes,instead of our fears, will we begin to build a country that we hope, will continue, standing – for, democratic rights, freedoms etc!

Richard has owned and operated businesses in the past, served as COO CEO, Director of Development and consultant. He has also managed events, advised hundreds of leaders, delivered personal development seminars, and was involved in campaigns for four years. Rich has written three books as well as thousands of articles.

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