If someone has paid a lot of attention to the mainstream media in the last two years, there is the possibility that they’ll have a particular view of Coronavirus and all variations that have appeared and will appear as time goes by. As far as they are concerned, the Coronavirus and its variants can be classified as extremely lethal.

In light of this, it is important for them to be covered by all the vaccines and boosters available and follow all the regulations, no matter what they are. Most likely, they’ll have several friends and family members that behave in the same way.


Now, if they took a step back even if for just an hour or so, and to think about how they view the virus this way What might come to the mind is what they’ve learned from the mainstream media. The stories that newsreaders have shared in conjunction with experts and governmental figures could have had huge influence on their views.

They may also know at least one person who has been killed or believed to have died due to it. However, what they have been told from the people above could be the reason primarily behind how they perceive reality.

The Truth

If they don’t engage in this process and investigate the reasons for seeing the virus as they do, the way they see the virus will just be viewed as a reflection of the reality. This means that their perception of the virus won’t be influenced by what they have been told; it will simply be the result of how deadly it is.

Consequently, if they encounter people who don’t pay attention to the mainstream media, it’s unlikely to be a surprise if there is conflict. The former will have a certain view, while the latter is likely to be a different person.

Two Experiments

The person who is suffering from the condition can spend long trading options periods of time worried and anxious and is often unable to leave their home. They might believe that the other person just doesn’t realize how serious the virus is, needs to awaken and might describe them as an conspiracy theorist.

On the other hand, they may find that in general, their mental state isn’t drastically different and they’re content to carry the same way,, or at least as normal as possible and doing everything they can to boost their immune system. In their eyes, they might believe that the other person is being taught to be apprehensive about the virus due to what they’ve been taught by the media and needs to ‘wake up’.

A. The Power of Fear

If the person who was being questioned was living a different life and was also connected to this source of information, there is the chance that they would be a different person. If someone was being fed fear, day after day year after year, month after moist, every year, how could they possibly be?

It is believed that perception is the basis of reality, therefore if someone is continuously told how harmful a virus can be the information they receive is likely affect how they perceive the world. It will not matter if it is evidence contrary to what they are told or if it’s possible for them to naturally boost their immune system, because they’ve been programmed to see reality through a certain lens.

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The Big Illusion

However, the source creates the impression that they are simply reporting on what is going on and nothing more, not even less, and one can see themselves as only an observer and not be able to understand how the information they receive goes into their creative consciousness and ends up defining what they experience and don’t encounter. In the end, the media isn’t just educating them, but is also influencing people to view reality in a particular way because it’s impossible to simply observe reality.

What this means is that it sheds light on how powerful they, along with their fellow human beings, are. Thanks to the power that they and fellow human beings possess to create their personal reality, it implies that every human being is also able to co-create an entirely different reality.
An Analogy

In addition, taking into account the part in which the mass modan-home media are being involved in what’s happening, if the virus was an organisation which wanted to keep the entire population at risk and to control them it would be the media that would act as its spokesperson. The organization would be a danger without a doubt, but without this arm of the operation, it wouldn’t have the same level of security.

However, it’s not appropriate to claim that the situation is anything new as the source of this information has been pumping out propaganda for a long time, and with a lot of people terrified of all sorts of other things because of the information this source has given people to be scared of. It’s a case of – normal business.

Final Thoughts

However, as simple to imagine that this person as the culprit and a large majority of humanity as victims, a perception that’s not likely to bring about transformation, it will be only true on a single level. Also to be investigated is the reason this source can influence the public; what’s inside their minds that make them vulnerable to this type of propaganda?

Are they tapping into the fears of a victim’s unresolved that are unanswered? A person in this situation is now in a vulnerable place, and by using the right words, images and sounds, this source, along with the government, is able to gradually hook them , guarantee to protect them and, lastly, take them to wherever they want.

Author, transformative writer, consultant and teacher, Oliver JR Cooper, hails from England. His insightful commentary and analysis covers all aspects of human development, including the concept of love, partnership, self-love confidence, self-worth and the inner self. With over 2 thousand, eight hundred in-depth essays that examine human psychology and behaviour, Oliver offers hope along with sound suggestions.

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