Grand Theft Auto V
Well, it's happened. Finally, we get Grand Theft Auto after nearly 6 years waiting. There's plenty to be wrong with a game that big, however Rockstar has somehow created an almost perfect game. However, there are a few minor issues in the overall game which make it close to being among the top video games ever made. To describe Grand Theft Auto V an extremely challenging game is underselling it. It may be the only game that truly is a living and breathing reality. It also incorporates the mechanisms that make games like Call of Duty as well as The Sims work wonderfully. Grand Theft Auto V is similar to The Rome game of the video. it combines the most popular features of other games and combines them in a bow-tied, delicate gameplay package. One of the major aspects of Grand Theft Auto V is the brand new idea of playing three main characters. The idea was a bit confusing as players were concerned that the writing gta 5 download apk would not be as clear or that the game wouldn't work with the other games. Thankfully, this issue is taken care of and the method of switching between the main characters is both ingenuous technologically and from a game perspective. Three main protagonists of Grand Theft Auto V You'll experience different experiences. Franklin is the youngest who is focused on his driving skills and Michael is a bit like an old mobster that is now living the life of a family. There's Trevor. Trevor is basically an explosive time bomb that's leash is completely gone and is almost a part of Grand Theft Auto V as well. Imagine him as the Joker who has a drinking issue and a murderous sidekick. The storyline was extremely exciting and, at times, absolutely one of the most effective missions I've seen in an action game before. To not spoil anything however, you'll be flying helicopters, taking bulldozers away and sometimes passing through window. Since most games are lasting between 8 and 10 hours, it was a joy to play an experience that was long-distance race. There were a lot of characters to participate in , aside from the main storyline. Needless to say the game is sure to keep you entertained. My opinion is that there are actually four main characters. The fourth one is Los Santos, the city in which all this happens. Los Santos is based on Los Angeles and tries to recreate the most exciting aspects of the area. There are beaches to play around on and military bases to invade and upscale mansions to infiltrate and even animals to shoot at. The greatest thing about the world is that it can continue to grow without you. For instance, I witnessed an intense chase, and the culprit eventually was stopped and walked out of his vehicle. There was a huge shootout between the police and him. It's just plain enjoyable. With a game this big it's hard to imagine that they would be focusing on graphics, would it? Rockstar has pushed the old PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 to the limits of their capabilities. While playing, you can take a flight over the ocean and be amazed by how beautiful it looks and how the waves appear. There aren't all rainbows, however, the graphics have a cost. There were a few instances where the framerate would drop down quite a bit, particularly when you're in a heavily populous area with a lot of NPC characters. The most problematic was when you were driving through Michael's exclusive neighborhood. With all the activities to take part in and experiences it's like the game will never end. After completing the game and completing all of the important side missions, I'm working on other projects. For instance, I'm trying to manage a bar along with Michael and playing market with my characters. There is nothing more thrilling than jumping off your burning aircraft and opening your parachute to take in the view. You can even modify your weapons and vehicles. It appears that the best is still to come in Grand Theft Auto V. This October Rockstar is launching the online version of the game, dubbed (of of course) Grand Theft Auto Online. It will be almost entirely its own experience, and the game is extremely ambitious. If they are able to accomplish everything they claim are possible, we'll never ever be able to leave our TVs. Grand Theft Auto V is the game you should purchase; it's an amazing value for the money you pay for. It's difficult to justify spending 60 dollars for anything else after playing this game. It could be even ported over to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and we're hoping that Rockstar might be able to come up with a method to move your saved data across to the new consoles. Even with its flaws like framerate drops, and occasionally the character switching isn't performing to its full capabilities, GTA Vis is definitely one of the top games of the current generation. It is a game you will miss out in the event that you don't try it, but it's best to just go to the store today.