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It’s anything but some time since I’ve played a decent region control or space investigation game. The two highlights invigorate me, particularly the space subject. Accordingly when I saw the primary pictures of “New Dawn”, the new game by Artipia Games, and heard that it would have been a region control game set in the “Among The Stars” universe, I was truly invigorated. I felt fortunate getting the opportunity to play it, since it just got delivered (during the 2014 Essen Spiel reasonable) and I needed to impart my musings about it to you as quickly as time permits. The game was more than effectively financed on Kickstarter bringing about raised assumptions¬† fortunate and expectation for the game. All in all, will be all the promotion really great? Peruse more to discover.

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New Dawn is a game for 2-4 players and keeps going around an hour and a half. It’s a topical spin-off of “Among the Stars” yet AtS isn’t needed to play it nor shares any mechanics with it. “Among the Stars” has presented an astonishing universe where, after an overwhelming space war, harmony has won and all races of the cosmic system have shaped an Alliance, choosing to participate to assemble space stations that will improve¬† fortunate exchange among races and fortify strategic issues. New Dawn is set around 100 years after the fact, when contrasts between races are starting to appear, the expense of building new stations finds risen and keeping up with harmony appears to be a difficult situation. In a last exertion to keep the Alliance alive, it is concluded that failed to remember fortunate universes, annihilated during the conflict, will be restored and offices on them will be revamped to work on the economy and keep up with harmony. Be that as it may, who will control these offices? Which race will construct the most stations and become all the more remarkable? This will be chosen in New Dawn.

The game highlights a board that addresses region in space where offices will be investigated and player bases will be based on them, versatile central command (MHQs) will move around fortunate and players will battle for control. The board includes a square lattice with organizes and is 2-sided. The rear highlights the division of room in areas where exceptional principles apply. This is an uncommon mode you can play with, in the event that you need to add more profundity and intricacy to the game.

Toward the beginning of the game, players pick a race and take the relating player board before them. Each race has its own racial capacity which is imprinted on the board alongside an extraordinary deck of innovation cards. Players likewise pick a shading and take 15 bases of that tone alongside 4 MHQs. At first one MHQ is set on the board and the lay on the players’ sheets. The 15 bases are partitioned in 3 kinds (3 lines) on the player board: Economic, Scientific and Military. This is identified with the sort of assets the player will get each round for having fabricated bases of the comparing types.

Offices are the fundamental setting of the game and are addressed by square cards, very much like AtS. As they are steadily investigated, players place them on the board and battle for their fortunate control. They can be of four sorts: Scientific (blue), Economic (yellow), Military (Red) and Hostile (Purple). They are additionally isolated in Phase An and Phase B cards. Stage A cards are utilized during adjusts 1 and 2 and Phase B cards during adjusts 3 to 5.

A significant component of the game are the fortunate Ambassadors, which players can misuse during the game to acquire a few advantages. There are eight Ambassadors from which a number equivalent to the quantity of players +3 are haphazardly picked to be utilized in each game.

Assaulting an office to assume responsibility for it forcibly, includes moving dice if the office has a place with another person. There are five various types of dice in the game: white and dark which are standard dice, yellow which is more grounded having numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 6, red which is considerably more grounded with numbers 3, 4, 5, 5, 6, 6, and green which is to some degree frail, with numbers 0, 1, 1, 2, 2, 3.

The game endures 5 rounds and each round comprises of the accompanying advances:

Creation. Every player gets various assets of explicit sort, as per the bases constructed up until this point. Each base assembled, is eliminated from the player load up leaving a space on it that demonstrates the asset that will be acquired.

Draw office cards. Players draw office cards of any sort fortunate until they have four in their grasp.

Investigate office. Every player, thus request, picks an office card from their hand and places it on the board contiguous another office or the Alliance base in the board. He then, at that point plays out the capacity composed on it.

Purchase innovation. Now, players may purchase a card from their innovation deck by paying the relating cost. The capacity of the card will be accessible once per round.

Move MHQ. Time for some system! Players may move one of their MHQs onto any office on the board. MHQs’ positions assume a major part while assaulting or guarding a base.

Activities. During this progression every player, in clockwise request, picks an activity to perform until all players have performed three activities. Accessible activities are:

Get one asset.

Set up base. To set up a base on an uncontrolled fortunate office on the board, the player should have a MHQ on the office or on a nearby one. He pays the Facility’s base expense and moves a base from his player board on the office. The base should be of the sort demonstrated on the office. The player then, at that point picks the Facility’s direction and gets the comparing benefits.

Hold onto Control. This is another, not all that tranquil, approach to build up a base on an office. Having a MHQ on the office or on a nearby one is as yet an essential. To hold onto control of the office, the player should move some dice. The aggressor moves a white bite the dust for each MHQ in an adjoining office and a yellow one for each MHQ on the office enduring an onslaught. In the event that the office isn’t constrained by somebody, the aggressor attempts to beat a number which is the amount of the base expense in addition to the triumph points of the office. In the event that the office is constrained by another player, the assailant rolls dice against him. The safeguard moves similar dice as the assailant in addition to a yellow pass on for his base.

Use Ambassador. Represetatives are incredible animals that can be of extraordinary assistance by giving assets, help for an assault and some more. The player picks an Ambassador card, places it before him and afterward puts the Ambassador’s token on his preferred office, playing out the Ambassador’s capacity. This activity can be performed just once a turn for each player. An uncommon Ambassadors smaller than expected pack is accessible to purchase as an extra, which adds a ton to the sensation of the game (see pictures underneath). The miniatures are extremely amazing and can likewise be utilized in future games that will be delivered in a similar universe.

Purchase MHQ. The player takes an accessible MHQ from his board and pays the demonstrated expense. He then, at that point puts the MHQ on any office ready and gets the opportunity to move another of his MHQs effectively on the board.

Help to the partnership. To send help, the player should pay the expense showed on any accessible card and take the card before him. The triumph focuses on the card are scored toward the finish of the game. Before the following player chooses if he will send help, another card should be uncovered.

Toward the finish of the game players include all Victory focuses acquired from bases on offices, MHQs, Technology, Aid to the Alliance and so forth

There are 2 modules for the game, offering more unpredictable and profound ongoing interaction. These are free and you can use as numerous as you prefer in each game. In the “Space Stations” module, extraordinary cards are put haphazardly on the board toward the beginning of the game, influencing neighboring offices. The “Areas” module uses the rear of the fundamental board which highlights various areas. For every area utilized, extraordinary standards apply.

Presently how about we perceive how the game scores in our standard scoring classifications:


As I have not yet seen the eventual outcome however just an extremely close model, I can’t completely make a target analysis on segments. My opininon depends on what I have seen and on data in the rulebook. Artipia Games is a distributer that consistently focuses on feel and excellent segments are what you anticipate from the entirety of its games. New Dawn has a great deal of parts and they all appear to be painstakingly planned. The gameboards have a sensible size and are ergonomically planned so all segments have their uncommon spot on it. It’s anything but a foundation picture of planets and space dispatches that quickly attaches you and sets the right inclination for the game.

Office cards are square, in the style of “Among the Stars”, with wonderful pictures by Antonis Papantoniou. Antonis has accomplished a magnificent work in delineation by and by, utilizing his unmistakable style in the gameboard plan, the office and Ambassadors cards and the player sheets. He’s been additionally the artist of “Among the Stars”, “Archon: Glory and Machination” and”Drum Roll” among others. His pictures are extremely nitty gritty, with lovely tones and give us an instinctive look into the interesting universe highlighted in the game.

In spite of the fact that it’s anything but part of the fundamental game, I feel that a unique notice is merited for the choice Ambassador miniatures that come as an extra for the game and can likewise be utilized in future games in the “Among the Stars” universe. These can be utilized in New Dawn as a trade for the Ambassador tokens. They are very large (~5cm/2″), they are made of plastic and portray detail plans of the different Ambassadors. I have played with them and I ensure they are enormous fun and improve the subject of the game significantly more. 8/10


“New Dawn” is a game with rich interactivity that causes you to feel you are playing a total and all around thought game. What I generally adored about it, is its profundity and how adjusted and practical everything occurring in the game is. There is actually a ton going on in the game very much like it would truly in a particularly delicate period for the Alliance. This activity empowers players to get inundated