Expand Your Intellectual Horizon


In the beginning of homo sapiens, both men and females were pondering what happened to their species before it began, and what will happen when we die. It’s what happened prior to when we were born , and what happens when we’re gone?

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It’s ok. While I am a proponent of free-country but it’s not right to claim that avoiding certain subjects can result in an increase in intellectual capacity. This subject deserves being considered for serious wellness explorations.


In contrast to the circumstances that prevailed during the time of our ancestors’ distant past Modern children are presented with pre-packaged stories or myths which answer these questions. These myths aren’t intended to inspire curiosity or exploration instead, they provide answers which may not be universally satisfactory. There are many theories to almost everything in life. These issues are discussed in contemporary folktales that concentrate on the What and Why of our existence.

The most popular programs share the same features. They are based on revered books believed to have been written by or in the direction of supernatural beings, powerful and all-powerful. The mythical, invisible gods are believed to be the creators of everything and are still in control of the solar system, Earth, and billions of galaxies across the vast universe.

Special representatives are specially trained to explain the most important explanation systems of our times. They are supported and aided by distinctive costumes, access to exclusive areas and make use of sacred objects, rituals, and rules that the adherents have to adhere to.

The majority of people are endoctrinated to one of these systems of explanation that are pre-packaged. The following of one or more methods is the way people lead their lives. The system they follow is affected by their culture and their families. Young adults are fully engrossed when they turn adult and transmit the system to their children.


The issue is with systems that deal with the fundamental issues of existence (i.e. where came they, how do we exist and where do we go) Why is that the systems may be not compatible. This could lead to chaos, conflict and holy horrors. The issue is that only one of them can be accurate at best. It is difficult to prove all of them. Many people today are known as skeptical (or infidels, heretics, freethinkers, blasphemers, etc. They think that all methods of answering questions are nonsense. They are of the opinion that the ideas that are commonly taught to people about the existence of mysteries are nonsense. Adults have been able to acquire an education and lived through numerous experiences. A lot of people start to think that the explanations to these questions are not reliable, or are simply folklore-based tales about Santa Claus tooth fairies, Santa Claus, and goblins.

Apart from those who are true believers, the majority of followers of religious systems privately struggle to follow along and embracing the vague promises of hook-line and sinker-like. A third of Americans do not follow the rules in any way. It’s perhaps not surprising that I’m one of the latter.


How can skeptical people answer these questions to their complete satisfaction? What happens when we died and how did our species begin? What transpired before our birth and what can we expect to happen after our passing?

While I’m not sure of the answer, I believe scientific explanations more plausible than magical superstitions. The most effective way to comprehend reality , scientifically, logically philosophically, or otherwise scientifically. There is no certainty regarding the future or the point at which we’ll be born. Are there everlasting voids? We’ll soon discover that, even though our solar system is just four to five billion years old, that there exists a void.

Here’s my take: No worries.

It is essential to think for yourself regarding the most important existential questions and mysteries of existence. My personal views are straightforward that there is no reason for our existence so there’s no plan for the future.

If I had the chance, I’d want to live a second life. I’d love to be in a position to hold and hug my best friend from childhood, Rufus, once more. Maybe to play around on Sugarcandy Mountain with him. Sugarcandy Mountain, according to George Orwell’s Animal Farm is where animals are buried and reap the benefits of their hard work. Sugarcandy Mountain is a place where animals can relax and enjoy their time, food and sweet treats.

It sounds wonderful however, I am afraid that the mountain will soon be populated by dogs. If their hygiene habits are miraculously improved after their deaths I’d cut down my time on the mountain for doggies.

Robert Green Ingersoll was the Great Agnostic. He was a fan of the possibility of an afterlife. In his address to the 20th anniversary celebration of the Lotus Club on March 22 1890, with these words:

It’s almost as if I’d like to be a part of the creation of the world while I’m in this gathering. Imagine the world I could have made! The melancholy and the unhappiness would have been the sole crime in the world, and joy was the sole virtue. We aren’t sure if there exists an alternative world. Nobody can affirm it; nobody can deny it. Nobody can say that he’s got an expressway or tolls from me. Also, nobody can claim that my route that is surrounded by a lot of roses and bushes, isn’t going to lead me to that destination. He isn’t sure. If there is a forum I would like to think that all kind fellows and ladies will be accepted. Robert Green Ingersoll (1833-1899).


Life is without meaning. It’s been that way and will remain the case for the duration of our lives. Find your purpose, and create your own meanings. This is a good thing. This means we are liberated from being held captive or held captive in the sky by powerful potentates. This also means that we are able to use our minds to think and seek out moments of joy, take care of ourselves, and have the most freedom we can. This is the right moment to be content to be loved, to cherish, and be kind and to be useful.